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Ergonomic Grip for Scalpel - Sold Exclusiely to Mopec.
This grip enhances the gross and autopsy experience. It will soon be available to the surgical sterile market.

Product Features:
Checkmark Disposable
Checkmark Non-slip
Checkmark Comfortable
Checkmark Easy to use: Just slip over scalpel handle
Checkmark Helpful with wrist numbing and carpal tunnel syndrome
Checkmark Large diameter grip , which leads to less grasping strain


Ergonomic Grip for Scalpel Handle - Replacement Sold directly from Guru Instruments. This grip has the above mentioned attributes with the exception of being disposable.

Checkmark Replaces scalpel handle
Checkmark Slip on design
Checkmark Easy cleaning

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Checkmark Order Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle Ergo-Grip (Foam Scaple Handle)


Ergonomic Grip for Forceps

Product Features:
Checkmark Sold Exclusiely to Mopec.
Checkmark Innovative design works on existing surgical stainless steel forceps
Checkmark Non-slip
Checkmark Comfortable for larger hands
Checkmark Easy to use: Just slide onto forceps

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Ergonomic Autopsy Neck Support

Prodcut Features:
Sold Exclusiely to Mopec.
Checkmark Stainless steel design
Checkmark Light weight
Checkmark Unique strapping system
Checkmark Allows for ease of brain removal during autopsy

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Innovative Forceps with Ruler

Product Features:
Sold Exclusiely to Mopec.
Checkmark Stainless steel
Checkmark Serrated teeth
Checkmark Available in 6 inch and 8 inch
Checkmark Centimeter ruler imprited on tip

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Checkmark Order 8inch Forceps with Ruler


Semi-Auto Coverslipper

Product Features:
Small Footprint
Checkmark Affordable
Checkmark Automatic or Footpedal Control Modes
Checkmark Wall Mountable
Checkmark Exhaust Fan with Charcoal Filter for Fumes
Checkmark Patented
Checkmark 1 Year Warranty
Checkmark Customizable Flow Rate and Volume
Checkmark Precise and Consistent Mounting Media Control
Checkmark Ideal for Mohs Labs, Frozen Sections, Pap Smears and Slides Coverslipped by Hand
Checkmark Comparable Speed to Automated Coverslippers
Checkmark No more bubbles ever again
Checkmark Guarranteed to make Histotechs Happy

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